Wakulla Sketchbook

Water Surface No. 1

Glass Bottom Boat

Water Surface No. 2

The Black Lagoon

Water Surface No. 3

A Safer Place

Water Surface No. 4

19,000 Feet

Water Surface No. 5

All tracks copyright 2007 David Wayne Higgins

Water Surface Nos. 1 through 5
A series of sketches of water surfaces. Anyone who has ever taken an art class as probably had to turn in a drawing of a water surface as an art project. This is a collection of water surfaces. I was attempting to do one long piece, but instead, the individual works stood up well enough on their own.

Glass Bottom Boat
A favorite attraction of the park which is now a rarity. Due to development in Tallahassee, the run off into the spring has made the ride impossible. The piece is a narrative, musical memory, complete with birds and other wildlife, and boat motor sounds.

The Black Lagoon
Dedicated to my favorite movie, and all who worked on it. The great thing about Wakulla Springs is that when you watch that movie and visit the park, the natural surroundings haven’t changed, as well as the sound of the birds in the background. Suggested listening is at night in the dark.

A Safer Place
The original version was scrapped. Too much noise and not enough happening. Just didn’t do it for me. So I completely redid it with the same theme in mind. One for the animals, who are always part of someone’s food chain. The idea is that they are always searching for a safer place.

19000 Feet
Not a fetish or a head count, but a record. The longest dive in the under ground/underwater network of caverns is 19,000 feet. I’m not a diver or a spelunker, but I admire all those who venture into the unknown. It is said that the caverns will take many years to completely explore and map. It is not a task for newbies. Some very skilled and good people have descended into the depths, never to return.