Transmissions From The Machine Planet

Morning Prayers

Captive Sky

Detention Center

Cymbolic Jestures

Circling Clouds

No Cause for Alarm

Wheel of Fortune

Sleep No More

They Rock All Night at the Ballrooms of Mars

It’s too bad that I already used the title “Songs of Praise and Torture”.  I consider this to be act two.  The overt cynisism lies in the notion that we are the machine planet.  We have become the emotionless world that tortures it’s captives.  The land that never sleeps, in which every inch is spoken for.  The society that makes a profit off of everything, including prisons, children, the sick, the disaster stricken.  It’s not new.  In fact, it is so imbedded in our culture that we are numb to it’s control.  The monster who will not obey, so to speak.

“Morning Prayers”  Imagine you are a small child, living in a place where before you go to school, you wake up with your father, bow towards Mecca, and say you morning prayers.  You don’t know about things like politics, wars, invasions, dictators.  You play and go to school.  One morning you awaken to your city being attacked.  Total chaos is everywhere.  Buildings are falling from bombs falling from the sky.  People are yelling “The Americans are attacking!”  Your life will never be the same again.  This piece is dedicated to the most innocent victims, the children of Iraq.  “Captive Sky” uses electric guitar, sequencer and percussion software. The thought that even the sky itself is a prison.  “Detention Center” Again, sequencer and percussion software.  The life of the prisoner.  Solitaire.  “Cymbolic Jestures” Percussion software programming which is predominately cymbols and bells, with some electric guitar thrown in.  I was going for an asian theatrical dance piece.  “Circling Clouds”  Electric guitar and sequencer.  The sound of a storm approaching.  “No Cause for Alarm”  Oenyaw at the disco.  A short sequencer track.  “Wheel of Fortune” or “Spin the Wheel!”  In some places, it’s the grand prize that awaits, in the world of tarot, it is not always a good sign. This particular wheel goes on and on like a torture device.  This piece was actually made with a mechanical rotating device.  “Sleep No More”  RIP.  What if there is no peace?  What if we no longer sleep?  You want eternal life, but under your terms.  The number of people throughout history on every culture that make a living telling others what they must do to achieve paradise after death is stiffeling.  They know what God is thinking, but they can’t balance their checkbooks.  Eternal life would drive us to insanity within the first month.  “They Rock All Night at the Ballrooms of Mars” contains visions of an alien band with a highly emotionally charged singer.  Playing in a club on a desert planet, filled with smugglers, mercinaries, outlaws and the locals.  “The Ballrooms of Mars” is a T.Rex song, so one could consider this a hommage to one of my favorite guitarists.  This is also influenced by the alien bar scene in Star Wars.

All tracks copyright 2011 David Wayne Higgins