There Standeth Minos at the Jackson Pollack Exhibit

44-There Standeth Minos front 60044-There Standeth Minos back 600


Blue Poles

Autumn Rhythm

The Key

The Red List

Move It

Eyes In The Heat

Lavender Mist

Out of the Web


Reflection of the Big Dipper

Guardians of the Secret

All tracks copyright 2016 David Wayne Higgins

I ended 2016 with disc #45. “There Standeth Minos (at the Jackson Pollock Exhibit)”. Twelve tracks that kind of converge onto a mix from a musical palate like blue poles in an autumn rhythm. Numbered murals of shimmering substance looked upon from eyes in the heat into a lavender mist. ┬áIt’s all guitar. Once again, an Oenyaw disc that just happens to be 666 MB. I had been wanting to do a Jackson Pollock album for a few years. Not really dribbling the paint on the canvas, but having the notes dribble out of the speakers. “Convergence” is a noisy intro. “Blue Poles” is a quiet exploration of guitar riffs, changing moods within moods. “Autumn Rhythm” has a certain pattern which breaks down and gives way to the inner voice(S), then returns to the rhythm. “The Key” may sound synthesized, but the drone develops, chromatic scales emerge, the voices become clearer, a choir appears, and then the key is found. “Red List” starts out distorted, becomes choral, soft then loud, and ends up in a tunnel. “Move It” is an exploration of one note. “Eyes in the Heat” sounds like the title. Camp fire with bugs surrounding. “Lavender Mist” also lives up to its name. “Out of the Web” begins slow, but you find your way out, leaving a complaining spider. “Pasiphae” is a dark ambient deco piece. Some may enjoy the room, but each has to watch their step.”Reflections of the Big Dipper” is dark industrial. “Guardians of the Secret” is the long goodbye. Farewell to the master, he who sees what only a few can catch a glimpse.
Happy New Year from Asheville Highlands.

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