The Pixie’s Lair

A Long Corridor

Origins Of Power

Peluda’s Ballet

Kissed, Like in a Fairy Tale

The Pixie’s Lair

The idea behind “The Pixies Lair” is entrapment.  Pixies are looked upon as tiny supernatural beings, full of mischeif.  To be pixilated is to be led astray by pixies, elated, titillated, whimsical.  From my viewpoint, pixies have to eat too.  On the brightside, a pixie can be charecterized as Tinker Bell, who was personified from the likeness of Marilyn Monroe.   On the darkside, a pixie can be an evil, razor-toothed, sharp clawed, flying being that has powers beyond our comprehension.  SO, in my little musical story, I have the pixie.  Extremely beautiful and equaly dangerous.  To be trapped in the lair of the pixie can be exhilarating as well as fatal, and only the pixie which has entrapped you will determine your outcome.

“The Long Corridor” is a tale of being led to one’s own imprisonment.  Happily accepting the beauty that surrounds you, to end up in a stiuation one can best define as questionable.  “Origins of Power” is a quiet, meditative piece, which becomes split by many different options.  “Pedula’s Ballet” is a demonic balet, named after the deamon.  It’s amazing how many names come to me and then disappear.  The same thing happened with Zephania.) An obviously evil dance, intended to bring out the darkside of the story of the lair.  But once again, the interpretation of the outcome relies on the listener.  “Kissed, Like in a Fariy Tale” The Frog Prince or Sleeping Beauty?  Possibly the kiss of death.  The ending has a “been captured and this is it” feeling.  The title track, “The Pixie’s Lair”, is the longest in the collection.  It’s theme is based on accepting one’s fate.  The idea is that even when captured, one should make the best of one’s situation.  The track ends with a guitar solo, which, even though all the music on all the albums has been performed on electric guitar, there aren’t many traditional guitar solos.

All tracks copyright 2009-2010 David Wayne Higgins