The Drone’s Bauble

Monday Migrations

Galaxy 92

Music for a Chimera Choir

Dust Riding The Beam

Days End In The Hive Collective

The Drone’s Bauble is part sound deco, part space music.  Yes, here I go again.  I was really getting into the Star Trek “Voyager” series, and I began to believe that the Borg have the right idea.  A “bauble” is a collection of trinkets, useless objects.  I was thinking what would a Borg collect and keep whilst crusing around the galaxy, assimilating friends along the way.  All of the pieces can qualify as decoration,  the titles are explained as follows.  “Monday Migrations”  is a piece about the Monday morning commute to work.  Why blame it on the Borg, we are all pretty much drones down here.  “Galaxy 92″ is a trinket, such as in “The Men In Black”, “the galaxy is on Orions belt.”  “Music for a Chimera Choir” is a illusionary choir piece.  The choir doesn’t exist, it’s in your head.  “Dust Riding The Beam”  Think about it, if you belong to a society where you have nothing, and work constantly, and your thoughts are read, then why wouldn’t you believe/fantasize that the dust reflecting in the light that you see in the morning when you wake up is yours?  “Days End In The Hive Collective”  A time needed for rest and relaxation is universal.  Space music in a very dark and scary sense.

All tracks copyright 2009-2010 David Wayne Higgins