Rescuing Andromeda

Live From The Cafe Annapurna

A Beautiful Tattoo

Let’s Go For A Swim

Those Little Men In The Ceiling Tiles Never Stop Working

The Web Construction Kit

Rescuing Andromeda

“Live from the Cafe Annapura” is an actual liver performance, outside the confines of my home studio, with a small audience.  The Cafe Annapurna was a small Nepalese restaurant in Tallahassee and I performed there a few times.  On this particular occasion, I took the recording devices and the computer and recorded the show.  This is the hour.
“A Beautiful Tattoo” is part staring a person’s tattoo and the title of a work of computer generated art.  I’m not much on ever getting a tattoo myself, but some are quite lovely.  This is a jam piece, improvs all the way.
“Let’s Go For A Swim” is based on rythyms plucked out on muffled strings.  The different patterns blend together to make a long sense of submersion.
“Those Little Men In The Ceiling Tiles Never Stop Working”  I have no idea how many remixes I did on this one.  I went for the subtle approach to the “situation.”
“The Web Construction Kit”  A piece based on a study about the effects of drugs on spiders.  It’s a great study, look it up.  The music presented here is one of those rare ones that I thought came off very well.  When I listen to it, the changes are subtle, but when I jump around in the piece, or leave it and return, ut changes.
“Rescuing Andromeda”  I was totally overwhelmed by the artwork of Gustav Dore.  The music in this piece is a journey through bits and pieces of the story “Orlando Furioso”.  Discover it, if you will.

All tracks copyright 2009-2010 David Wayne Higgins