Life Stills

A Picture of a Vase (with a crack in it)

Drifting on a Methane Ocean

Leaves Reflecting On Ripples, Leaves Floating On Ripples

A Meadow of Allergens

Rear View Mirror

This is the second album of “sound deco”, works that are intended to enhace a room as decoration, part of the interior design.   Please refer to “Fundamentals of Sound Deco” for an explination.  “A Picture of a Vase (with a crack in it)” is as titled, a picture of a vase.  There is a line in the Patti Smith song “Poppies” which states something like “she was lying still like a picture of a vase.”  The crack in it is a pop of static electricity that I could not edit.  Mind you, I can edit out “anything”, but this crack just wouldn’t leave.  I’m actually not sure if it still there, because it only appears when listening on certian systems.  So if you are “looking” at the vase from a different persective, you will never hear it. “Drifting on a Methane Ocean” is a picture of one floating on a small boat, on an ocean made up of a methane, which becomes liquid at -182.5 c.   With “Leaves Reflecting On Ripples, Leaves Floating On Ripples”, imagine looking at a water surface reflecting the leaves from a tree, as well as leaves floating on the surface.  “A Meadow of Allergens” is a track for everyone who suffers from allergies (I happen to be allergic to grass).  A very sleepy piece.  “Rear View Mirror”.  Looking forward and looking back at the same time, in the same frame.

All tracks copyright 2009-2010 David Wayne Higgins