Leave That World Behind

The Tutor Of Achilles


The Reasonably Well-Tempered Assembly Line

Eye Ten

Cicadas Lullaby

Leave That World Behind

All tracks copyright 2005 David Wayne Higgins

The first Oenyaw project. I had originally recorded this and “A Whole Day Off as one long 10 hour MP3 disc, but found that the quality of MP3 formatted files was not as good at 1286 KBS as 256 KBS. I had to return to remaster everything, which was quite a chore, but necessary. The theme I was going for as an introduction to the music was to simply leave the world of standard product formats in music behind. The reason songs are still three and a half minutes long is it was the standard length for a ’78 record. “The Tutor Of Achilles” The title is taken from a line in the film “2010: The Year We Make Contact.” As the programmer tells the computer he is opening a new file named phoenix, he asks the computer if it knows what the term “phoenix” implies. The computer replies that it has 23 references to that word. The programmer asks which reference the computer believes is the correct reference. The computer replies “The tutor of Achilles?”; a reference the programmer is not aware of. The composition is a construction piece, playing a specific note at different octaves within a loop and filtering the loop while recording. Each loop is recorded onto a separate track and then each track is filtered and treated. The tracks are ultimately mixed together, making up the composition. Incidently, this piece was featured on a compliation entitled “Frozen Light” released in Romainia, and was used for a dance recital in Vermont.

“Greenland” Hoping to call attention to the environmental catastrophe which is taking place in Greenland. (Yeah, right. It will split in two, fall into the ocean, raise the sea level high enough to kill off 70% of the human population, before anyone says “Hey!”) As close to a live piece as possible: recorded in one afternoon, one take, no overdubs. Thanks to Cleo and Munchkin for attending.

“The Reasonably Well-Tempered Assembly Line” Another construction piece. Each note was recorded in a 2 minute loop, with the loops arranged into place according to a written composition. Each track is assigned a step filter and a position in space between the right and left channels. The intention is an industrial fantasy of an assembly line which plays music after the humans have vacated the premises.

“Eye Ten” A heavy-metal/industrial ambient piece. The camshafts view of a trip down the highway. Viewed by some as hypnotic.

“Cicadas Lullaby “ An insect bolero. Living in a forest as I do, I am heavily influenced by the sounds of the night, primarily that of insects, frogs, and wild turkeys. This one is dedicated to the cicadas.¬†An interesting point which became an Oenyaw principal, is that I was going to leave this one off until someone wrote that it was their favorite track. So the mission statement became “Make the music, let the audience decide.”

“Leave That World Behind” A short construction piece. Not much, but used up way too much memory to be forgotten.