Fundamentals of Sound Deco

Wallpaper Pattern ‘n’

Between the Zero and the One

Drone In Blue

Bay Window

Chrystaline Draperies


Background to the forthcomeing statement.  I went to my first art gallery while in the third grade.  I was going to school in Silver Springs,MD and we took a field trip to The National Gallery of Art.  The best thing about being in elementary school in the DC area was the field trips.  This was the one place that I made my parents take me to again.  I fell in love with art at a very young age.  I later found that I did not have the patience to be a visual artist, and found that my medium was music.  I continue to study art to this day, and will go anywhere to visit an art gallery.  St. Petersburg, Montreal, Florence, yes, anywhere.  Most of the book I read are about art.  I love it.  From prehistoric cave paintings to modern sculpture, I can’t see enough.
More background.  I feel that there are a few things in life I’m really good at.  Dealing with problem animals, making babies smile, analytical chemistry and statistics, collecting record albums, making dessert, chosing women’s clothes, and picking and hanging the right draperies.  I’ve been called a natural horse/dog whisperer.  I can make any baby smile, I should have been a portrait photographer.  I have this 20 plus, love/hate, career in analytical chemistry, and ony enjoy the problem situations.  I have been a vinyl junkie since I was 12.  I can make any dessert you want, and I will put my creme brulee up against any pastry chef in the entire world.  When my wife goes shopping for clothes, she has to take me, and whereas I only wear jeans and t-shirts she is constantly praised on her attire.  I worked doing apartment cleanups while working my way through college, and after dealing with the most atrocious drapes in western civilization, I took a class in Clothing and Textiles while in college and let me tell you, I know drapes.
This was my forth disc in 2008.  I had been diving into the study of the Art Deco movement in the early 20th century.  I had wanted to do an album of music which would qualify as silence enhancement.  True ambience.  I had purchased blue draperies for my bedroom and found that not only did they look like blue drapes hanging in front of the windows, they changed the overall appearance of the room.    This particular idea formatted the music on this disc, even more, a view of a genre of music itself.  Way prentencious you may scoff.  But you have to admit, the basic idea of one hour pieces of music which only exist to enhace to atmosphere of the room the sound of the music occupies is an idea not shared by many.  At least, not stated in such a way.  This is a disc that can be described as a textbook which gives examples in the fundamental thought of using music as decoration.  The term “Sound Deco” is a new term as such.  I have looked it up many times in many sorces.  It does not exist.  Yes,  I am standing on my soap box here.  But when one come up with an original idea, one MUST proclaim it.
The tracks on this disc are simply stated.  “Wallpaper Pattern ‘n’ ”  is a piece which could blend into, or make, a room as the wallpaper would.  “Between the Zero and the One”  explores the infinte possibilities that are there in the world of analog versus the digital world.  “Drone In Blue”  is primarly a drone piece which utilizes the deep blue hall reverb setting.  “Bay Window”  begins sliently and then comes to life when the window is opened.  “Chrystaline Draperies”  are hung, and the begin to sing on their own.  “Sleepwalk”  is a journey into the darkness of decoration.

All tracks copyright 2009-2010 David Wayne Higgins