How I became “Oenyaw”

My aim became the production of music that provides an ambient background, unconstrained by time through works that last longer than the average workday, or longer than the period of relaxation the listener requires, or deserves.   Providing music that is not intended to attract total attention of the listener, but music that the listener can enjoy, leave, and then return.  Music that is not composed for the purpose of provoking awe from the listener, but music which could allow the listener to relax, or even work more efficiently.  I have read many definitions of ambient music, my two favorites are “silence enhancement” and “music that doesn’t have to be listened to, but will present the listener with something of interest if the listener so desires.” 

I lost my fondness for the term and genre label of ambient music years ago.  I have always had a problem with the classification of musical genres, even though they are necessary.  The problem with the developing ambient genre is that it has become a way of defining passages of music, interpretations of music and potential marketing schemes.  I have always considered the intention of ambient music as being it’s defining point.  As music intended to be in the background.  The definition has grown to include music that winds up in the background, whether or not it is the intent of the artist.  My opinion for this newfound dilemma has been brought about by a few incidents.  Reading books or articles which describe everything in the terms of ambient, as if they are attempting to justify the existence of ambient music by proclaiming something in a more popularly accepted music genre as ambient.  

I was personally introduced to the term ambient music by Robert Fripp, who, in a collaboration Brian Eno, had stated an aim to replace music played in the background in public areas (eg: shopping centers, elevators,
health care facilities) with something more pleasurable.  As the times have changed, music now played in the background in public areas has become everything from bluegrass to rhythm and blues to heavy metal, and, of course, classic rock.  
The music was replaced, but not with that which Mr. Fripp or Mr. Eno had envisioned.  The musical genre they created fell into the classification of experimental or electronic music, and actually opened many doors, as well as many listeners to this musical genre.   The problem arises when this musical interpretation begins to be overused, and grows larger when the definition becomes argued over rules that are set within an art 
form that should not have boundaries.  When the lines are drawn in the sand, the playground is no longer a fun place to be.

The major function I try to convey is that music is a form of art.  

It would be absolutely insane to expect anyone to play my music on their website.  The tracks are so long that playing one of mine would mean that 10 to 75 other people would not get played at all.  I played around with the idea of changing the music, making it shorter, conforming to that 5 minute song format.  My music would not allow such a thing to happen.  Even with the music being incredibly long, and the albums being 5-6 hours in length, the concept of “the album” is always there.

The only reason songs are 3.5 minutes in length is because that’s what fits on a 10 inch 78 RPM record. The excuse being “that’s the way it’s always been done.”

Why is it that nothing is ever accomplished in our world because it is needed?  Anything and everything is only done if there is money to be made.  Not just covering expenses, but maximizing profits is the reason behind every act.  All business is so driven by the maximization of profit, that lie cheat and steal have become accepted, if not sought after qualities.  Medicine, law enforcement, religion, education, art, music have all been reduced to nothing but ways of making money. Our society has become so driven by profit, and the goal to be number one in everything we do has led us to the brink of the destruction of the individual.

When your favorite Beatles song is “Revolution #9″, you will never be comfortable playing in an Am-G-F band.

Not everyone who picks up a violin wishes to play Tchaikovsky’s violin concerto.

Playing music you think people will enjoy is like painting your house and selecting the color yellow because you think a higher percentage of people driving by will prefer a yellow house over a green one.

Life is too short to spend it working.

There is no special place in heaven for those who work through their lunch break.

Replacing time with family and friends with time to make money for strangers who don’t even know your name could in no way even come close to be considered a rewarding experience.

“I’ve been fired from better jobs than this!”  Wayne Higgins to a restaurant owner 1982

Time is an illusion in which we have been imprisoned by some superior force that is using us for research.

There are many ways to waste time.  Explore as many as possible.

Leave behind that world of standard formats, programmed answers, impersonal relationships, products which exits only for the sake of selling themselves.

It always confused me.  How can a God that represents infinite love and mercy endorse any organization that would practice the torturing, of any kind, of individuals that do not conform to the principles of that organization?  It’s just plain stupid.

If heaven is infinite, than a fence around it would have to be infinitely huge.

The logic breaks down when you consider that fences are built for containment.

Infinity cannot be contained.

“What if you go to heaven where all illnesses are cured, but your illness happens to be schizophrenia?  Your problem is that you always hear the angels talking to you.  So you go to heaven and angels are always talking to you.”