All the Time in the World

The Alarm Clock’s Set for “Om”

The Hundred Dollar Breakfast

Axioms of Extensionality

Bombay Saphire Stardust Memories

Totally Oblivious

A Sad Conclusion Called Reality

“The Alarm Clock’s Set For ‘Om’” is a drone which is played on/ looped from a 12-string acoustic guitar.  “The Hundred Dollar Breakfast” Only in America.  If you have been there, you know what I am refering too.  The ultimate in extravagance.  “Axioms of Extensionality”  I’ve become so consumed in the concept of infinity that I believe it to be completely false.  A poem I wrote called “Infinity” is included at the end of this album explination.   “Bombay Saphire Stardust Memories”  Ok, I’ll admit it.  I was home alone, the wife out of town, I was drinking gin and tonic and watching Woody Allen’s “Stardust Memories”.  I don’t believe it actually, or exactly fits, but definately inspired by.  (I’ve tried to get the connection watching “The Wizard of Oz” while listening to Pink Floyd’s “The Dark Side of the Moon”.  I didn’t get it.  But if when I watched “Skatetown USA” while listening to David Bowie’s “Ziggy Stardus and the Spiders From Mars”, it definately fit.)  “Totally Oblivious” is an extension of “Axioms of Extensionality.”  More on the suject of infinity.  “A Sad Conclusion Called Reality” is a piognant end to the album, the acceptance that if life begins, it ends.  Face it.  Get over it.

All tracks copyright 2011 David Wayne Higgins